About us

Navigathor is a new shipyard founded based on the passion and many years of experience of its creators. Observing the market for many years we did not find solutions , which would give comfort and safety to sailors , especially the beginners. Basing on over 20 years experience of the shipyard founders in the area of business and production of yachts , we have built the first unit , which is Navigathor 26.

During the creation of projects we take care of every detail. We build yachts as for ourselves. We carefully select each element. We want the customer to see the difference in Our approach to designing and building units. The effect of all these activities is just a perfect product, which must first satisfy Us as creators and customers. The elements selected for finishing deserve the greatest attention.

We have a motto „High quality is another new customer ”.


Przemysław Felicki

Przemysław Felicki
Managing Director